Quilting & Travel – The Ideal Combination

Quilters love to visit quilt shows. They cherish the many beautiful quilts, they learn about the latest in quilting, they enjoy like-minded people, meet old friends and foster new friendships. That is what quilting is all about; it is a feel-good activity that takes place all over the world. It is a language spoken in the mountains of New England, in the bayous of Louisiana, in the islands of Japan and in the fjords of Iceland. It brings joy and comfort to many a quilter when lights are low in the depth of winter. It provides the occasion for fellowship at the monthly quilt guild meeting; where quilters gather for “show and tell” and to enjoy each other’s company.

All quilters dream about going to one of the famous AQS Quilt Shows in Paducah, KY, Lancaster, PA or even the big one in Houston, TX. Quilters travel with another quilter friend or with several members of their quilting bee, guild or club. This is where travel enters the picture and makes it complete. First, you may drive to the quilt show that takes place closest to you. Next, you say: “Aha! This is fun.” You will want to see different shows, in other parts of the country; even abroad. Now, – a quilt show may take a day only or up to 4 days, in the case of the biggest show. To travel from your place in New Hampshire to Paducah or to Houston is a big investment. The cost is even bigger for the Australian quilter coming to the Houston show or the Californian quilter who may travel to the biggest show in Europe, in Alsace, France.

This is when the word TRAVEL is written in capital letters. Quilting & Travel become part and parcel of the same experience. The Australian quilter shops for fabrics in Maine, but enjoys the spectacular New England nature at the same time; the visitors to the Paducah, KY quilt show enjoy an evening at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on the same trip. American quilters travel to Alsace, France to the biggest quilt show in Europe, and enjoy exploring the vineyards of the Rhine Valley and wonderful Paris. Now, – the money is well spent!

The world of quilting takes you to the far corners of the world, and that is what we do as well. Check our website: usquilttours.com and you’ll find tours to places close by, or to places far away. Travel with a relative or a friend. Should you be traveling solo, we’ll match you up with a suitable roommate. One thing you can be assured of: Each tour with quilters becomes a “circle of friends” – a once-in-a-lifetime experience.