Discover a New Culture on Our Tours for Quilters Through the Land of The Amish

Amish people follow a simple style of living that makes their culture fascinating to visitors from around the world. The Amish are farmers and many live in Pennsylvania, where some of the most popular quilt shows take place. The women wear plain dresses covered with apron and cape, while the men wear long beards, black hats, and dark-colored suits as well as straight-cut coats without lapels. Their clothing is an expression of simplicity in a culture that believes in plain living. The Amish are also called “The Plain People.”

The Amish are known the world over for their handicrafts, – in particular for their Quilts. You’ll stay in hotels in the heart of Amish Country (Lancaster County) and travel by bus from one Amish Quilt Store to the next. Many of these stores are located on Amish farms, without electricity or telephones. The famous Amish Buggies; the local mode of transportation, are a beautiful sight out on the narrow country roads. You will be amazed at the wide selection and quality of the Amish Quilts as well as the quantity of fabrics; you can choose between thousands of bolts. Quilters come from far away places, such as Australia and New Zealand to take advantage of the excellent prices on both quilts and fabrics.

We offer three tours to the “Land of the Amish,” two in the spring and one in the fall. Two of the tours include participation at some of the biggest and the best Quilt Shows; one takes place in Lancaster (AQS) and one at The Oaks, outside Philadelphia. Our tours are fun and the quality of accommodation and transportation are based on many years of experience, – the best. And all the while you have a professional tour manager to make sure your itinerary runs smoothly. We provide private docents or guides for any museum visits and local guides for city tours. A local Mennonite guide will escort the group for the Lancaster county tour – she has access to the Amish and knows their customs well – and knows where to find the best deals for you on fabrics.