Quilting is an International Art Form

The art of quilting is prevalent in the USA. Quilters regularly organize and meet other quilters at quilt shows like the Houston International Quilt Show. However, the art of quilting is not just limited to the USA. Quilting is a popular hobby and art form all around the world. Australian, German, and Brazilian quilters travel to the United States to join Tour to quilt show in Houston, Texas, and attend quilt shows like the Houston International Quilt Show designed for quilters. In contrast, Americans travel to Europe and Japan to visit quilt shows and enjoy other quilters’ camaraderie.

An insight into quilting in Iceland

Quilting is a reasonably new hobby in Iceland compared with the U.S.  Stores started to carry quilt fabrics in the late 70s, even if quilting was popular long before that.  Now there are quilters worldwide and active quilt guilds in many small towns. A National Quilt Guild meets regularly in the capital, Reykjavík.

Some quilt enthusiasts from different parts of the world set up an online quilt shop back in 2000, and with quilters being able to order online, the rural community of quilters grew.  Icelanders take to quilting easy and fast as they are raised with all kinds of handwork from an early age.  Children are taught to knit, crochet, embroider and work a sewing machine in elementary school, so getting into quilting is an easy progression.  

Issues faced by the Icelandic quilters

Iceland’s first issue is the unavailability of the raw materials required for quilting. Iceland has to import almost all the raw materials from different countries. Access to quality fabrics and supplies is a significant challenge for the budding quilter in Iceland.

The other problem that quilters face in Iceland is the high taxes and availability of only a few shops. Imported raw materials and high taxes can scale the price of the quilts in Iceland. But this does not prevent hardcore quilters from following their passion and making supreme-quality quilts inspired by the Icelandic culture. The creativity and uniqueness of the Icelandic quilts are what make them unique.

Iceland is the perfect destination for American quilters to visit. It was one of the 1st countries to take control of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and open the country for international tourism. The clean waters, fresh air, and pristine nature attract visitors from all corners of the world. Photographers point their cameras to the sky for the best shots of the Northern Lights; painters set their easels near a magnificent waterfall, while the more adventurous visitors enjoy the Icelandic horses, whale watching, or exploring ice caves. The visiting quilter can do all this and enjoy the camaraderie of Icelandic quilters at the same time. They can closely examine the creative, unique, and exciting Quilting in Iceland and Icelandic natural phenomena.