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Amish Patchwork Tour

Amish Quilt ToursWhat quilter has never desired to take a closer look at an Amish Quilting Bee to get a glimpse into their daily lives? Travel with us to Pennsylvania to get more insight into the history of the Amish and the contrast they offer to the American way of life.

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Amish Springtime Tour

Amish Land ToursAnother world. Horse and buggies instead of cars, farms tended without industrial machinery, large families to work the land and a life that is marked by religious and community spirit. Exceptional Quilts; solid fabrics, strict graphic patterns, unusual colors and exquisite Hand quilting

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Quilting in the Southwest

AZ_GRAND_CYN_2“You’d be a poor man if you never see a eagle fly” – Rocky Mountain High !       From the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico…from the monoliths of Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon of Arizona…beauty doesn’t even begin to describe the vast and profound southwest.  These are holy grounds.

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Amish Autumn Tour

Amish Autumn Quilt TourHarvest days are ending, there’s a crispness in the air, it’s Indian Summer in Lancaster County the land of the Amish. Turn back the clock and get to know the “Plain People” of Pennsylvania Dutch Country

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New England Quilt Tour

New England Quilt TourTravel through New England during Indian Summer in the northeastern United States with its explosion of autumn colors. What quilter has not imagined what it would be like to see these colors of red, yellow and orange with your own eyes in nature and then put these colors into a quilt with your fabrics?

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Gone with the Quilt

New Orleans Quilt TourAutumn leaves are falling down, falling down, yellow, red, orange and brown. A colorful palette for a country quilt. October is a beautiful month to embrace the fall season in the southeastern U.S.

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US Quilt Tours offers our clients smaller groups - consisting of a minimum of 10 participants to a maximum of 28. It makes for a more pleasant tour not to have a large group of 47, 56 or even 63 passengers to a bus.

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